Ruth’s Timeline

February, 1984

Ruth Stanat founded SIS International Research, Inc.

Ruth Stanat founded SIS International Research, Inc. in 1984 on Madison Avenue in New York City as a syndicated market research report company. SIS offered monthly research reports to companies during this period of relatively scarce information on global markets.

January, 1985


SIS launched TECH-SCAN, a monthly scanning and research service that reviewed and analyzed the key articles from the vast array of computer and technical journals available.

Ruth Stanat SIS Techscan

March, 1986

One-Stop Shopping

The “One-Stop Shopping” Service: In the early 1980s, this international research service provided clients with cost-effective and timely research covering North America, Latin and South America, Asia and Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East.

SIS One-Stop-Shopping

May, 1986

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

In 1986, SIS International became a founding member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Ruth Stanat Founding Member of scip

June, 1986


SMART OLLIE™: SIS has developed SMART OLLIE™ using a data base from Weiner, Edrich & Brown, Inc. WEB. The system, a total Strategic Intelligence System designed for research professionals and librarians, consisted of a comprehensive data base that drew upon the knowledge and abstract data base of the WEB organization.

October, 1987

“Executive Intelligence”

Consulting Services and Systems: SIS launched a methodology that identified and extracted relevant “soft” information from both external and internal organization sources and translated this information into “executive intelligence.”

SIS Launches "Executive Intelligence"

April, 1990

The Intelligent Corporation

Ruth Stanat (founder of SIS) publishes The Intelligent Corporation, a book that expounded on effective strategic planning and building the intelligent corporate intranet.

May, 1998

Global Gold: Panning for Profits in Foreign Markets

February, 1999

Global Expansion

Ruth expands the SIS global research network to over 70 countries and had over 200 local research partners, covering North America, Latin and South America, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. SIS served several industries, including the consumer industries, food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, communications and the automotive industry.

Ruth Stanat Global Expansion

January, 2000

Global Jumpstart : The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Ruth publishes her third book, Global Jumpstart : The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.

July 28, 2009

Ruth Stanat is inducted to the Worshipful Company of Marketors in the UK

Ruth Stanat Worshipful Company of Marketors Induction

April, 2012

SIS International Research has conducted research in over 120 countries for over 50 industries.

Ruth Stanat International Market Research

Ruth Stanat International Market Research

July, 2013

SIS launched key regional research hubs in London, Toronto, Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Shanghai.

Ruth Stanat Global Market Research

November 10, 2015

Ruth Stanat Named SmartCEO Magazine Circle of Excellence Finalist

Ruth Stanat Circle of Excellence Award

January 7, 2020

Ruth drives the launch of our technology consulting practices e.g. Edtech, Fintech, Pharmtech and New Product Concept testing at the 2020 CES show

CES 2020 Las Vegas

March 19, 2020

Ruth Stanat adds a video series during the Coronavirus outbreak

Ruth Stanat Coronavirus Video

June 22, 2020

Ruth positioned SIS for clinical trials and IRB certification for the testing for human behavior and medical devices

IRB Certification

June 29, 2020

SIS embraced COVID Safe market research testing with online focus groups and online In-Depth interview

COVID-19 Safe Market Research